Doorbell 2k (battery) issues with 2 way-talk recording

just installed eufy migrated from ring… I have 3 issues…2 of which are deal breakers.

My doorbell is running on version and homebase on firmware

  1. when someone Rings the bell, and the second I press 2-way conversation, the video recording stops (stops meaning i can have the conversation live but have no record of the conversation in my events past that). This is crucial.

  2. when someone answers the doorbell, another person that has access cannot chime in…in the ring app, two people with apps and access could talk with the person ringing the bell.

  3. I tried to hard wire the unit to my existing chime (which is what I had before). the unit does seem to take charge, but the existing chime keeps ringing…I have a transformer, but can you guide as to what I need to do or is there something I need to do with the existing mechanical chime?

There are other issues I can live with…but the first 2 are critical. the 3rd I can try to change transformer etc…