Door/Window sensor in the toilet

How can you stand it? I have ONE door sensor and I am ready to flush it down the toilet! System completely disarmed … it logs every “door open/closed” event to my event log. Pages and pages of crap. WHY??? Its very clear that the idiots that code this nonsense don’t use Eufy security crap in their own homes. What would happen if I had a sensor at every window and door on my main floor? Ugh!!!


The door open/close events log under the device itself … isn’t that enough Eufy?..

Who runs this show? I want a vote of no confidence.

@chefrd Agreed! I wish they would fix this…you’d think it wouldn’t be too difficult. I don’t need a log (on my events section) every time I open my door, unless I set a particular mode. It works that way for the notifications piece…

Update: no toilet… just pulled the battery. Couldn’t take it. Hope they fix this down the road.