Door sensors showing a open when they are closed


My door sensors are now showing as open when the doors are shut. If I restart the Homebase then they go back to closed or if I open and shut the doors again they mostly change status, it’s very frustrating!

It’s only just started happening on both doors and possibly since the update to the iOS app.

Any ideas?


Having same problem here in uk … Seems to be since the last homebase update … Extremely annoying but not surprised as every eufy update breaks something else and the email support is rubbish

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I’ve been having the same problem with all door sensors - sometimes working and sometimes not. Batteries are good. Have restarted Homebase, removed the devices and re-added but still issues.

Got the same issue with our back door, front door sensor not having the problems!

Same here. Happening way more often than before. I’m guessing it was one of their magical updates, lol.

Same issue here in the UK. Started with a window sensor a couple nights ago. I removed and reconnected the sensor which seemed to resolved it.
Just set my alarm to Off via the app and it says the front door sensor is open.
Whats concerning is if the app recognised the door as open but the alarm did not trip.
Not sure if Eufy has a fail proof engineered in, where if the door is physically opened even while the app recognises it as open that the alarm trips.

Just a follow up to my previous post -

I set the alarm to arm and was notified that the door sensor is “open”. I select set mode anyways and the alarm armed.
I went ahead and opened the door and was notified the door opened and the alarm tripped.
Once I disarmed the alarm and closed the door, the sensor is reading correctly again.
Seems to be a bug in the app to me but glad it actually works.

Interesting, mine seems to have calmed down recently.

Noticed that there was a update last night of the homebase 2. (V

release note states: 2. Solve the issue that the door sensor schedule push may fail the next day.

Also, not seeing any doos sensor issues now,

Waiting for support to confirm that this is the solution to our problems.

Still on, no update available yet.

This does not solve the problem. I’m already on this version since January 27th.

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Magical… love that. ( im a magician but take no offense )

@chefrd Like a magician, Eufy’s updates make things disappear or in MOST cases…bugs appear out of no where!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

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Magic normally pays the bills… this magic drives me crazy!!! Why don’t they find people like u and I … dump this crap on us before they force it on everybody?

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Isn’t that called beta for normal companies???

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Eufy support:

According to our engineer, they have released a new firmware version for your device already, please let us know if your issue has been resolved or not?

Awaiting your reply so we can further move on.

So, after the update the issue is resolved for me. Hope that eufy pushes the update to everyone soon :slight_smile:

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Awesome! We wait for it !

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I have the same issue. One sensor is fine, one is not. The one that is not, I can change the open closed state with my finger where its printed magnet. The sensor has also stopped triggering the alarm when I open the door, doesn’t recognise its open. My homebase 2 is on fw ver Sensor version: 0.1.0gb with no way to check for updates.

I still have the sensor showing open while the door is closed
door Sensor version: 0.1.0gb and hardware version: 0.0.1
Basestation2 version: V , subsystem:

please anyone resolved this issue. ?

That sounds like a loose connection on the circuit board.
You won’t fix that with a firmware update.