Door sensor red light led

Hi, what does the red LED mean when the door sensor registers its open and closed? When testing the position of the sensors on the door everything worked fine, it was a blue LED which blinked once when the door moved from open to close and vise versa. Now that we have stuck them into position (same position) the LeD is red blinking once for each open and close movement but it is not registering in the app. Simple saying open the whole time.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Red means its not connected to the Homebase. Is your Homebase working? It’s LED should be solid blue.

It shouldn’t be solid blue. It should flash blue when opening or closing the door.
So yeah it is either disconnected from the homebase (which you should be able to see in the app), or the battery is empty: both flash red when opening/closing.
So if it’s not the former, try replacing the battery.

@John0. I was referring to the homebase LED as being solid blue. Also, if his battery is low, it should show in the app unless it’s completely dead.