Door lock needs to stay unlocked when the door is open

I love my doorbell, But I have a serious problem with it. I especially love the fact that I can set it to lock when the door closes automatically. That’s one of the reasons I bought it. Many times my son leaves the house and forgets to lock the door. My Eufy door lock is a game-changer. Now when he leaves, the door locks behind him within 1 second. Unfortunately, though, I discovered that the door locks if you leave the door open.

I like to leave my door open with the screen door shut when the weather is nice. In Southwest Florida, it may start raining at the drop of a hat, so I need to be able to close that door quickly. Unfortunately, my new lock locks itself after an unspecified amount of time. That means when I just walk over and push the door shut, the door lock is out and bangs on the edge of the door. I already have a mark on my doorframe! Your instructions said the door knew when it had been closed, so I assumed it would not lock when it was still open. You know what they say about assuming.

I wish you guys could set it up so it would stay unlocked longer. I’m afraid I’m going to break the door lock by slamming the door. If you can set it to remain unlocked for 3 minutes, can’t you give me the option to increase the time?


Same situation here. I have 2 wifi door locks and have been putting up with this for 7 months even after creating a ticket on this. Its advertised as autolocking when door is closed but it autolocks even if the door is wide open and they know about it but I really doubt they are going to change anything.
Also the door lock battery only last about 2 months.