Door entry sensor notification after open X minutes

Currently the entry sensor can only notify when opened. Wyze cam’s entry sensor can notify after the door is left open for 5 minutes. Would be awesome if eufy could too!

Great for when the garage door is left open.


Agreed! We have two indoor cats and a door that doesn’t reliably latch fully, would love to know if it creeps open before the cats do!

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This feature is announced and on its way via homebase 2 firmware.
I saw in the app’s data that it already has the settings, awaiting the firmware update.

This would be a nice feature for the entry sensors.

I already built it with Python + Cron:

Nice work! In homebase version this feature was officially introduced along with the feature to send a notification when the door is open after a certain time of day.

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Our smart lock has function of auto-locking

I don’t have the smart lock, that won’t work for my garage door. I use the magnetic door sensor. Also, here’s a dashboard app for iPhone and iPad that I’m using:

I see it in the options, but it doesn’t work, as in it gives us a lot of false positives. For two doors simultaneously (front and back)… Where do I report this?

Report it at

I got an update this morning which states something about the door sensor.
Generally when it states something is changed in the area of a particular product (like this sensor) it means that other problems are more likely to have been fixed.
The firmware version is, if you get the update, try your scenario again and see if is fixed.

Screenshot of the update notes:

I would also be interested in solutions for this to work (i.e. notifications after X minutes of door open) with Homebase 3, without receiving the open/close notifications.