Door bell not ringing on phone with DnD on no mater how i set it

I have a pixel 4xl on android 11. If my DnD is off my phone rings and my watch vibrates when my door bell is pressed fine. If its on i only get notification but no sound. I have gone into DnD setings on android and set eufy security to allow all notictions in DND but i still don’t get sound or vibrate on my watch . … Please help I need to hear it to look at my phone

Ok found a fix for anyone else with same issue. If Eufy apps notification preferences there is actually no sound attached to ring bell notification. i assume the app is just making its own noise directly and that’s being killed by DND,. I downloaded a door bell ring tone and attached it to the notification and that’s working. it also seems to suppress the eufy apps own sound when dnd is off now. so only one sound plays not two

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