Don't buy eufy security products!

The hardware sucks, the firmware sucks, the software sucks, the support sucks.

All in all it is an inconsistent, unreliable, buggy, aggravating, complete waste of time and money. No improvement in sight, just a never-ending flow of new and terrible performing products and unfulfilled promises.

How’s that for a review?


Pretty garbage review, tbh.


Fitting for the ecosystem. Let see how you feel after being here a while.


To be honest, I think its a pretty good accurate review!!!

Im a HUGE Eufy fan…the products are actually really good, but the problems I am getting at the moment are just awful.

Firstly, I would recommend never ever clicking ‘remove device’ from the app as this which I have found out, totally BRICKS the cameras.

Customer service has been really poor - and servers are down al the time…fed up of constantly resetting the home base.

I have said 4 times I am going to send them all back - and this time it looks like I am.

Such a shame as GREAT cameras, battery life is just amazing, they look good…picture quality is great, sound is fantastic…just awful app, terrible customer service, poor server issues.

The saviour of Eufy cam would be if Amazon bought them out.


Haha Amazon bought them, so like their Ring products they would be hacked all the time.

Part from a few bugs as the firmware has been updated I have had a really good experience. In the UK and never had their servers go down. Never had to remove the devices from the Homebase. Support has been really helpful. There a few things I would like them to introduce but can see where they are going with their products.


I am in the UK too - I though the server issues were US based, but last 2 weeks I have had to re-set my homebase 2 around 8 times maybe more.

The issues were huge with this, it did the update on the homebase, and eufycam 2s and it missed a really important incident which we had a family member call in to see if we caught it and no, camera was off for a whole day and even when it re-connected, it didn’t show the whole day of postman, 2 x delivery and the incident.

The last 3 days its been pretty smooth - but now the issue of the remove device is a bricking device.

Don;t get me wrong, i LOVE the product, I even have 4 x 2k indoor Eufy cameras to set up to go with 3 x Eufycam 2 and a floodlight camera.

They need to start upping their game as reviews, users are great and picking up speed quick - but the customer service I have found has been dreadful…to the point where I actually started to wonder if they was a member of staff or a cleaner picking up the phone!

I am a little concerned why this huge company would want to push a new product on KickStarter !? imaging Ring or Apple, or Amazon showcasing a new device buy getting public to invest in it? this showing the small minded way they are…I

Poor servers
Terrible customer service
Lack of knowledge of their own products
Small hours of UK phone support
Live chat with is always dead
Products bricking from the app !!!
New devices being advertised asking for public money to help!!!
To me the above is showing how they are running it like a one man band back street company…Anke/Eufy in my opinion was not the right decision for this company to produce their products. Box shifters do not make a great team.


He is spot on.


Not sure about a poor customer service. Seems they are quite responsive

Responsive, but useless.


Totally agree with comments, very responsive but no solution, never. The problems keep stacking up. I have to restart my Homebase 2 everyday, sometimes two, three times for it to operate otherwise missed notifications, no alerts, cannot view any recordings. It’s a daily routine, why? Starting to think I should have stuck with Arlo, picture quality not as good, but it just worked. All notifications arrived promptly, never ever missed one, never ever needed to restart Homebase. You can select schedule from Geofencing, Geofencing actually worked for two iPhones, very accurate, worked really well! Not Eufy!


I’ve had my cameras 3 weeks now. UK Server has never gone down for me as far as I can tell and I’ve never had to reset my Homebase 2.
I doubt that servers go down for some people and not others as that doesn’t make sense.
Very strange.

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I’m in the UK also I’m not having any problems with servers being down have the homebase 2, 3 Eufy cam 2c’s, 1 door sensor and the 2k pan and tilt camera everything is working as expected for me. Batteries on the cameras have been running for 143 days on there first charge with over 3000 motions detected

I dont use homekit run everything through the Eufy App

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Give it time. The more use it gets the more you’ll find the Issues popping up.


Loving the negativity which seems to be all you ever post.

I’m happy with my Eufy setup thanks


I wish I weren’t so negative about it, but the constant lack of performance and reliability pisses me off. I was quite excited to get these products, ordered them into the country before they were even available here and have regretted it ever since. Nothing but headaches. Perhaps if you don’t realize how terrible it all is it doesn’t seem so terrible, but I’ve spent months familiarizing myself with the system and the company and I am absolutely dejected. Glad you’re happy, but a lot of us are anything but.


I’m in France and a big fan of Eufy Security products.
Never faced any down server as per mentioned by some users (mostly US I believe). Therefore never needed aftersale services and cannot judge that part.
Anyway, my Homebase 2, my 2 EufyCams 2, my battery powered doorbell and my keypad work well since 2 months (1 month for doorbell). All fine, battery lifetime in line with expectations, video & sound quality, AI, etc. Just faced a small issue with automation between my 2 cams but I’m quite comprehensive since Anker looks to be continously developing, bugs are part of :grin:.
I’m quite surprised some users are unsatisfied, maybe just linked to system settings or cams positioning… but as for all, some are in love and satisfied some others really disappointed.
There is no arguing about matters of taste :upside_down_face:


Well said :+1:

I can only say the setup install experience has been good for me. It may bite me later, but if given the choice I will hold off on pushing firmare updates to my system until I see user feedback. I even removed both cameras and my wife unplugged the base to vacuum and had no issues at all. Hopefully six months from now I will feel the same way.

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