Done right, it works

I installed two cameras, one facing out from my door and one out in my horse corral. They work so well I’m heading out this weekend to get more devices that are sold. If you follow the direction they work beautifully. And I’m wireless. I’ve tested them in every way. Right down to seeing if my horses would come if I called them through the speaker. (They do). There were a few hiccups but only because I had to figure out the WiFi signal boost part. One camera is very far away from the base. People these cameras for the price you pay are very good. The night time quality is excellent. I live in the woods and can pick up everything. I’m rather amazed and generally pleased. Need help understanding hook up in layman terms. Hit this post up.


I agree. It needs a bit of patience and changing settings one by one to get the best out of this system.

It is what it is, and if you can get it to work it is really good.