Does not detect movement


I have a few Eufy Cams (EufyCam S330; Eufy SoloCam S340; IndoorCam S350; IndoorCam E220, Video Doorbell S330, Wall LightCam S100, sensors and HomeBase3).

On one HomeBase with Samsung SSD disc i have connect:

  • 4x EufyCam S330
    • Front Walk,
    • Main door,
    • Sidewalk 1,
    • Sidewalk 2.
  • 2x SoloCam S340
    • Backyard,
    • Front door.
  • 1x IndoorCam S350
    • Livingroom.
  • 4x IndoorCam E220
    • Dining room,
    • Hallway,
    • Corridor,
    • Office.
  • Other sensors
    • 2x motion sensor and
    • 1x Window sensor.

On the other HomeBase i have connect:

  • 1x EufyCam S330
    • Garage.
  • 1x SoloCam S340
    • Frontyard.
  • 1x Doorbell S330
  • Wall LightCam S100
    • Garage.

Lately I’ve been finding that movements are not being detected on the devices:

  • SoloCam backyard and front door
  • EufyCam Sidewalk 1
  • IndoorCam S350
  • IndoorCam E220 hallway and Dining room

I have cameras installed approx. 4 months and they worked without problems until recently.

I have tried to change Detection Type, Detection sensitivity… but without luck.

Do you have any idea what to do?

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