Does Fed ex jam signals when making a delivery

Camera did not pick up a Fed ex delivery had anybody had any issues with them jamming the signal?

@Chrisdavis163 ?? Your post is the first of the morning I have read! I must say you made me LMAO… and NO! why would you think that?

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FedEx delivers to my house regularly and I usually see them ring the Eufy wired doorbell and see them on
my 2C camera. Is this the only instance where the camera doesn’t detect motion?

do you have continuous recording on?
If u see FedEx guy there and no events, probably a problem for Eufy to look into.

Only reason I ask is because the camera has been working fine picking up my wife and myself throughout the day we came home from town and there was a Fed ex door tag on the door and camera’s didn’t pick up anything weird

Still getting use to the new camera system been playing with it for couple days I think it’s on continuous

So far yes only time it hasn’t detected a person

What type of camera do you have and what’s the location of the camera? Did you test the motion detection?

The problem is that we don’t know it isn’t the only time it’s detected a person, because they left a calling card. We know it’s the only time you know it hasn’t.

In my experience (and others) the person detection misses many events, it’s not until you can verify this that it adds up.

FedEx doesn’t jam video signals, my eufy doorbell caught the delivery guy a good 8 out of 10 times…

I agree same here did not detect

There have been a few times where only FedEx are not showing up, today is one day. Not 1 camera, but 2 did not record. You see him enter my gate, walk 1/2 way down my driveway and the signal goes out. Recording ends and the doorbell camera gets nothing. Cats, birds, cars, neighbors, all record just fine…