Does Eufy sell a vertical wedge wall mount for the Video Doorbell model 8210 1W3-99

Recently I bought the Eufy 2K doorbell kit to replace my Arlo doorbell and all I can say is wow. Big difference and I love it. But due to the placement, I can’t see the porch floor where they leave packages. So I went to look for a vertical mount. Try as I may, I can’t find any accessories for the Video Doorbell on the Eufy site. But I did find the Wasserstein vertical mount elsewhere. But with two size versions of the video doorbell I can’t tell if it would fit the 2K doorbell model E8210 1w3-99 (I believe it is slightly wider than the previous one ein sold).

I would prefer buying a Eufy one but I don’t see it. So does anyone have insight on using the Wasserstein vertical mount?