Does Eufy actually interact here?

I see Eufy post random polls and questions, but do they actually contribute anything or take notes on problems to find solutions?

I feel it’s a beta program that’s missing a team leader. There’s no list of known issues or list of features that are currently under development. It’s just like “Hey, here’s some forums, Help yourselves!”

Something to let the people know you’re interested in their ongoing business would be a great marketing strategy. All I see when I open the Eufy app is buy buy buy.

Eufy just posts marketing stuff on here and doesn’t actively monitor this forum. The moderators are volunteers and the responses all come from users. Its been this way for at least 3+ years. Several years ago, there used to be a Eufy employee that would repond to posts if you included his name in a question, but not anymore.
Marketing is their primary purpose. Fixing issues or responding to users doesn’t make them any money, so they don’t do it.