Does anyone know which domains and IPs the Homebase 2 and eufyCam 2c use?

I don’t want to have to open all UDP ports for all traffic, but restrict the domains and IPs in my firewall.

Depends on your country.
I had issues with my HB2 (less so with 3) until I made sure that they could resolve:

The 2nd/3rd are clearly region specific.

I run various DNS security/blockers and until HB2 could resolve via quad9 ( I had issues. HB3 is less problematic.

Ideally, run your own DNS filter (like pihole) and log DNS traffic to identify what it talks to, that’s what I did :slight_smile:

Hi Pete,
thank you. I’m located in Germany.
I found it hard to figure out which connection now belongs to HB2, as our network structure is suitably complex and I can’t track that directly.
In my case this server:

is probably

By the way, is correct?

Looks legit, it’s a domain you apply for so that you can sell merchandise mainly, it offers tools to make store front websites.
I can see it being used for the Explore button on the eufy App. No idea why the HB and cameras need access it…

I have tested the mentioned domains. In total I have gathered this list on the web:

Unfortunately, there still seems to be something missing. Does anyone else have a tip? As I said, unfortunately I can’t check the traffic directly.
Thanks Robin

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