Dodged a potential bullet!

Went to buy the floodlight camera for our rear garden tonight. Only to find it can’t connect to the homebase 2. I bought the Eufy doorbell because of the very feature. I will be also getting the cam 2 pros soon. They can sync up, so why can’t the floodlight one do it? Seems a bit silly as this is one of Eufy’s selling points. I have read an update is possibly coming, but when? I don’t want to spend out on a camera I can’t sync up. Feels like a bullet dodged at the moment.

Unfortunately I have two floodlight camera’s that I’ll be sending back, If they can’t connect to my HomeBase 2.

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Would be nice to get an update from Eufy as to why they didn’t integrate this and if they do intend to, when?

In this post: OK Eufy. I'll give U a SIMPLE way to unify and sell millions of your products. So get your software developer to listen & implement this SIMPLE change @Mengdi said that they are working on a new home base which will “solve your problem”. I’m excited about this so that all my Eufy devices can work together.

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Why do you care that the floodlight cams don’t talk to the HomeBase 2? The floodlight cams are standalone and don’t need the HomeBase. I have 2 of them and they work fine over WiFi and talk directly to the mobile app.

@RocketJSquirrel The purpose to have everything (cameras, floodlights, wired doorbell, indoor cams) connect to the home base is for automations. Plus, at some point it would be nice to be able to switch modes all together (or at least the option to select a group of devices that work together) rather than individually.

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Understood, thanks @Sobrevilla.

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@RocketJSquirrel However, if everything I mentioned before could be done through the app and wouldn’t require everything to run through the home base…that would be awesome! But I’m guessing they would have done that by now, lol.

I’m sure the brains of the operations is in the home base. If this “new” home base 3 solves all our problems that would be great…but would then require existing users to PURCHASE the new base. :man_facepalming:t2: