Do not upgrade 4.7.6-1865 Android App (fixed with 4.7.7 release)

After update, the app will not connect to device.
just the circlng, preparing to connect Eufy logo.

cannot view event,. just trying to decrypt storage circle.
then goes to “unable to play live video”

Need a fix version release ASAP. as this version render your device useless.

I don’t have the trouble you’re having just the stupid group control that also takes up space on the main screen that we can’t opt out of if we want.

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I submitted feedback to report the issue. Usually takes weeks for Eufy to fix.
It is lucky that Eufy fixed login to this forum. It had bern at leadt 2 weeks of failed redirection.

You should send feedback about your issue through app.

The more feedback, their developer will fix faster.

I wonder if anyone test the Apps before release. Wyze often has bad firmwate/App release.

mine is Android 9…

My version is the mentioned one. Is there a way to downgrade to a better version?

As I mentioned in another topic, I find that whenever I turn on the alarmsystem in the app, it will disable it self when the app reloads.

As Eufy saved all settings in their server for each accouNt and camera.

You may want to send them a feed back to check your account.

You need to give them yoir Android OS verdion device etc.

Usually I save the current APK before upgrade using an App call Total Commander

Day two. No access to camera with new Apo.

It is Armv7a device. Anyone with armv7a device see similar issue?

Still not fixed. need more feedback to Eufy through App.

The IOS verdion 4761 is out and I would not install it neither given the fail Androif app.

When open a ticket, make sure to ask customer service to forward issue to their App developer. otherwise, it will just sit in their system.

After 2 weeks, Eufy still has No update to fix the Bug they created

New App 477-1888 fixed the issues.

1x hangs during replay still exists.swutch to 2x will work

Great I received an email from them this past Thursday and they said an update will be released very very soon I just haven’t got it yet.Thanks for the update. The wife just got the new update on her phone and it works great, iam still waiting for it to hit my phone and there the same type phone.

This version took One minute to start App. May be it is the armv7a. Wyze app is instant to start.

Wow that’s strange. Recieved my update this morning. The time it took for me was 5-6 seconds from the time I hit the app icon to when I was looking at my cameras.

It could be my Android device . It has only 1 gb memory. Eufy may expect Everyone to have latest and greatest.