Do not buy cameras from this company

I spent almost $1000 on their highest package and for a few months the cameras worked awesome, but 3 months ago they put out an update that absolutely destroyed the functionality of the cameras. 90% of the time the cameras will not even pick up a person standing 10’ from the camera, but it can pick up a bird flying through the yard faster than you can see it. I 100% regret buying cameras from this company. Yesterday we had a suspicious guy show up at our door looking at our cameras and it didn’t even record him. Worthless

I have noticed that the cameras don’t pick up motions even if it is human. Definitely not in the activity field that you set up for it. However, it will pick up ANY motion within 5 feet regardless if you set up only human detection or not. This is surprising since they were pretty good before update or recently. I highly recommended them to friends and family. Theirs customer service was great though. I hope they don’t become like those companies that do wonderful in the beginning and as theirs business grow, they don’t care about products quality anymore!

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I paid over $1000 for a complete security system from eufy around 4 years ago. The first year or so the cameras were awesome, but one update just destroyed the sensitivity of the motion detection, and ever since the cameras have been absolute garbage.

Eufy needs to work on a good app…Android side is just problematic and not functional.