Disappointed in Eufy in combination with Nest Hub

Hi everyone,

This Black Friday I purchased the following:
Eufy 2K doorbell
Eufy outdoor 2K wired
Nest Hub 2

I’m able to send a stream to the nest for the wired outdoor cam, however after 5 minutes it stops? I thought that I was able to stream it for 24/7 if needed?

Furthermore the doorbell doesn’t send any trigger to the nest hub? Why eufy is scamming with support for Google Assistant as it doesn’t work well right now?

Someone knows how I can get 24/7 stream? Also 20 seconds delay…

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Couldn’t agree more, I bought a 2k wired doorbell, the tilt and pan indoor camera and a nest hub last week.

I was hoping I could use the indoor camera to run a live feed to my nest hub in my bedroom to check on the puppies downstairs in the living room.

Turns out there’s a 20 second delay, so anything I see them doing they’ve already done or started 20 seconds ago.

I guess I’ll go back to leaving my iPhone downstairs and watching them through my Apple Watch :man_facepalming:t2:

Pretty disappointed in how poorly they interact given they market theses cameras to work with google products.

Please fix the delay eufy :pray:

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Right, this would be a great improvement @eufy

Does nest have cameras? If so…. Why buy Eufy stuff? Just curious