Disable notification from keypad


I have just installed an Eufy Keypad to simplify the process of Activating and De-Activating the alarm from our house. The problem is when someone disarm the alarm from the keypad, it send a notification to everybody that tells the Alarm has been desactivated by the Keypad.

We found it is quite annoying they each time we receive a notification + it’s not a very confortable in term of privacy. It’s look like we are spying on everyone in the house.
We have disable the keypad notification from the homebase alarm but still persist.

How can we disable only these notifications and not the others notifications.


Looks like you have the correct settings checked to suspend notifications from the keypad. I just tested my keypad by disarming and got a notification. Then set the notification to off, disarmed again, and it worked correctly without notification. I am using the Android app.

Are you using the latest app version? Is your homebase firmware current. Either of these could be the cause of the problem.


After the test, I noticed that I did get kepad notifications in the Events section. There wasn’t any notification sound or badge on my phone’s home screen or any of my other devices. So, it looks like this notification is for security purposes and cannot be completely disabled.

Is that what you are seeing when you do the disarm?

I have addressed this to customer support, to set up separate notification channels for alarm related stuff. I would recommend you to contact them too, so they know the feature is still wanted.

I think that this is the ideal way to have it. It places a notification in the Events section without any audible or visual alarm indication on a device. It’s there for audit purposes, but unless someone looks in events, it doesn’t bother them. That how it works on the latest Android version. I don’t think you would want it to go completely away.

Wait, you can disable the android notification where it says ‘alarm disabled’? Because I can’t

Hi Pysailr.

I get the notifications in the Events Section, which doesn’t bother me at all.
But i still receive regular notification which make my phone vibrate and my Apple Watch vibrate too.

I’m on the latest iOS App version + every Eufy device is up to date (HomeBase 2 v2.1.4.4h).

An other problem. When we arm the Alarm with the keypad we get a direct notification from the Motion Sensor in the room where the keypad is (because it detect the person who activate the keypad).

It does not take care of the living delay which is correctly set up.

Again this very annoying

Maybe these bugs are associated with the iPhone version of the app. I don’t get any audible notification of the Mode change, just the event entry.

Also, the Android version won’t trigger an alarm if the alarm and/or leaving delay are set for the device you will pass when leaving.

I would contact support and let them know what you are experiencing. support@eufylife.com.

So, how this bug fixing is going ?

I still received every notifications when someone disable the system from the keypad

Plus, every time somebody enter the room where the keypad is (In order to de-activate it) and a Motion Sensor is present, we receive a notification that a movement has been detected.

So we received 2 notifications in a couple of seconds everytimes. Can this be fixed ? It’s really really annoying .

Thank you

I disabled notifications for the motion sensors and only have a notification when the alarm delay is triggered.
I’d like to know when the alarm is disabled to determine if it’s expected and I bet that’s why eufy implemented it this way. So it’s not a bug, it’s by design.

Any updates about this issue?

I still got a notification when switching from “away” to “home” by using the keypad (iOS).
Because of this issue I’m receiving to many notifications and it’s not really privacy friendly.

I don’t want to stalk my other housemembers of when they did come home.

We still have this problem too. Everybody in our house receive a notification when somebody switch the Keypad from Away or Custom to Home. Very very annoying…

Any update?