Different notifications for separate sensors

It was disappointing to find that after installing two door sensors, there was no way to get notifications that are different than my outdoor camera notifications. I would really like to know immediately if someone is opening a door or window at night, without having to check my phone to see what sensor it is. I want my door sensors to make a subtle chime (like an ADT alarm does) every time they are triggered. All we would need is to be able to assign separate tones in the sensor settings menu. Additionally… maybe even allow the home base to chime when a sensor is tripped?!?


Can you not name the sensors? That way you could identify them

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Hey @roberts704 Thanks for reaching out and letting us know your concern!

And thank you so much for the sharing @ikari04warrior :slight_smile:

Due to the notification sound can only control by the mobile, so the eufy Security app is currently not supported to have the different tones for the sensor devices.

And yes, please try the suggestion that @ikari04warrior mentioned above to named the different sensors, so it will be shown on the push notification.

We will consider the possibility of future development. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

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Slightly different request: Homebase to play a chime tone when a sensor is triggered. I have two sensors installed. One on the front door and one on the backdoor. Push notification is working. But how about if someone open the doors and never close?

My wishlist:

  1. Homebase 2 play a chime when a sensor is triggered.
  2. Homebase 2 continue to play some tone (at some interval) until I close. This is very useful as I install my sensor on my garage door and my outside gate.
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I like the idea of having different notification sounds for different sensors. While you can name them the point would be to know what it is before you look at your phone.


Thanks for the responses! I do like that there is now a door chime option so I can hear if a door is opening! Great job guys. Loving my system so far…

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Is there a way to change the notification sound for eufy? Different from say a text notification.
I have looked all over my Android Motorola g7 and can’t find a setting for it.
Most apps do notification sound change in the application.

You guys did it! I can now set a notification tone for each individual camera… amazing that you guys actually listen!!! Thank you.

I would like to see a chime tone directly on homebase for a motion event on a camera. The current settings only allow for an alarm at the homebase. A chime or other more mellow alert would be good and having the ability to link this to times of day would also be ideal. For example, a chime when a car enters the driveway and motion is detected on a camera. This is needed as sometimes my phone is on silent mode and the alerts linked just to a camera are not heard,

@eufysupport: I would love that feature also.
Just a chime when the Cam detect something and not the full alarm.