Did the wired cams schedule stop working?

All my indoor and outdoor wired cams are set to schedule…. But I just noticed they were all in “disarmed”?
I didn’t switch modes. It was still set to schedule mode but the mode said disarmed. Cams didn’t work. How long has this been happening???

All cams under the HB3 are working fine and had several recordings last night… so I wasn’t completely unprotected. Whew

Edit… just realized it’s daylight savings day (so stupid). Bug?

Looks like the time slot from 2300-2359 cleared on all the cameras…. And I can’t fix it. But even the filled slot were disarmed this morning.

I have 3 indoor, 3 outdoor, 2 pan tilts

Also all cams running 24/7 recording stopped at 803 am. PST

What a bug!
You would think the scheduling times would follow the phones internal time.
I bet if you restart your phone that scheduling glitch will correct itself.

Nope…. And reset all 8 cameras thru the app. It won’t clear. I found several people on other security cam chat rooms with the same issue… good that it’s not just me. Will have to do it by hand for a while. Tomorrow will be a normal day so I hope it clears.

Oh… I should mention that all my cams schedules are packed. Every minute of the day they are in a mode of some kind with no breaks.( except for the min the app subtracts at midnight. Also I’m IOS.

I just noticed this, while viewing live view one of my cameras (C24) is an hour behind it didn’t jump an hour ahead for daylight savings. My other three 2 C24 & Doorbell cams the time is correct.
The only way to fix it was to go into the Time Settings for that cam and pick a different Time Zone, save it, then go back in and tap on my original correct time zone, save it, and then it just jumped an hour ahead.
Go figure? Me Andr👾id

Oh… good idea!!! Will give that a shot tomorrow and see if the schedule goes back to normal.

Update: It cleared on its own on the day change. This is good for anyone else who simply didn’t notice their wired cams were disarmed for a day. See you again in the fall Mr. bug.