Delete recorded clips after x days

Is there a way to automatically delete recorded clips from eufyCam2 eufy Homebase storage after a certain amount of days automatically?, for example after 7 days ?

Eufy has recently made a change to automatically delete clips stored longer than 3 months. I believe this was to fall in line with European data laws, but they did it for everyone. Unfortunately, they don’t give any control of the time period, so you have to delete your clips manually if you want a shorter time period. It would be a nice feature to include an adjustable time period, but with all the other high priority issues, I don’t see this happening soon.

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I am a new joiner and I would agree to customize the period of storage. It will be helpful to show that the owner has no intention to storage longer than necessary.

Referring to the current UK court case of a RING owner, I think keeping the footage as short as possible will be good.

Is there some documentation? I cannot find it.

Danish Law says videoclips has to be deleted after 30 days. I Think you have to follow the rules in EDBP law (Europe) and in Denmark the “databeskyllelsesforordning” ++ / GDPR.
Due to These facts it Will be Nice if you enable a Way to delete videos automatically after X days. Kindly Ole