Delete recorded clips after x days

Is there a way to automatically delete recorded clips from eufyCam2 eufy Homebase storage after a certain amount of days automatically?, for example after 7 days ?

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Eufy has recently made a change to automatically delete clips stored longer than 3 months. I believe this was to fall in line with European data laws, but they did it for everyone. Unfortunately, they don’t give any control of the time period, so you have to delete your clips manually if you want a shorter time period. It would be a nice feature to include an adjustable time period, but with all the other high priority issues, I don’t see this happening soon.


I am a new joiner and I would agree to customize the period of storage. It will be helpful to show that the owner has no intention to storage longer than necessary.

Referring to the current UK court case of a RING owner, I think keeping the footage as short as possible will be good.

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Is there some documentation? I cannot find it.

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Danish Law says videoclips has to be deleted after 30 days. I Think you have to follow the rules in EDBP law (Europe) and in Denmark the “databeskyllelsesforordning” ++ / GDPR.
Due to These facts it Will be Nice if you enable a Way to delete videos automatically after X days. Kindly Ole

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I only got the camera approved by my neighbours because one of the things I promised was to set the retention period to only a little longer than our holidays, so 3 weeks should do it.
Now I’ve installed everything and to my big surprise I cannot set it anywhere?

The only workaround is to delete the clips manually if you want less than 90 day retention. I review all clips every 2-3 days and manually remove anything not worth saving. It usually takes less than 15 minutes.

I agree that it should be a user selectable function, but this has been a requested feature here for over 2 years and Eufy appears to be ignoring the request.

I’ve got the problem the other way round! I needed to check how things in the garden were set up to satisfy an insurance company query. No problem, I thought, it’s all stored on the HomeBase - no way, all videos before 23. Nov.2023 are deleted (or at least no longer listed). Even if there is EU law involved here, that’s for us as users to decide how (much) we want to comply! In this case the camera concerned covers 100% private property, and since there have been no Break-ins, there is nobody involved other than family members!

I’ve contacted Eufy four times over this issue and have so far apart from the first e-mail, which gave some simple, but for a first response, acceptable tips:

To ensure that videos are always available, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check for any firmware updates for your Homebase 3 and ensure that it is running the latest version.
  2. Restart your Homebase 3 and check if the issue persists.
  3. If you have any external devices connected to the Homebase 3, such as cameras or sensors, ensure that they are functioning properly and are connected to the Homebase 3.

all of which I had already tried, but subsequently repeated, unfortunately, to no effect! Since then I have had three short e-mails all of which say - in effect - the same thing:

Wenn der Speicherplatz in der Homebase nicht ausreicht, wird das Originalvideo überschrieben.

Wenn Sie mehr Speicher benötigen, können Sie eine Festplatte anschließen.


This raises two questions:

  1. I have not found an indication as to how full the SD-Card is, so I don’t know whether or not the desired pictures may or may not be available here. This is important, because this particular camera is particularly inaccessible! Also, I haven’t found anywhere in the various menus where I could do a backup of the camera files (as a selected group) to the FTP server

2)There ought to be some position in the menu where one can define, for each camera, a specific time after which files may be deleted.

Hopefully posting here may prompt a reply from a human being with a bit more insight into the problem!


Roy Anderson