Delayed notifications all Eufy devices

Why is Eufy so slow with updating what’s happening outside?

I get updates an hour or even two hours later of all camera motions.

Removed battery restriction from the app, full high sensitivity but nope Eufy is like I will update you two hours later

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Haven’t had this issue at my place. At in laws there’s a bit of delay but not an hour long delay. It has to do with your internet connection. Check that first.

I did notice this issue a couple of times over the last couple of months and it is not my internet as I was viewing newer notifications and an older one would come through! Never did get to the bottom of it :man_shrugging:

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My internet is pretty good ran speed tests outside a good distance away from mesh network. Up and down speeds seemed fine. The only solution I have is at expense of phone battery life never let the app go to snooze mode or whatever let stay on forever then notifications work. App seems flawed

Similar issue here with 2k indoor,. Most of time there is delay but sometimes is quite quick.

I did this a few months ago. Went on holiday, the free WiFi failed & the app used all my data allowance within a week.