Delayed Alexa Notifications

Hi, I installed my eufy battery doorbell at the weekend. Very happy but Alex notifications when the doorbell is pressed have started being delayed by 5-10 minutes. The notifications come through to my phone perfectly. Is there a service issue or fix for this? Thanks.

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I am having the exact same issue with the mains powered Eufy doorbell and it’s driving me nuts. Never had an issue with the previous Ring pro bell. Any ideas?

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I am having the same issue as of yesterday, Worked fine for the first week after install and now the notifications are delayed coming through Alexa, any fixes worked yet?

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Hi, I think we all have the same delay problems here. Unfortunately I see no useful (or any) answer from Eufy.

I also had this problem, the Alexa delay was 1 minuet 40 seconds long. I was using eufy on an old tablet, but when I deleted everything and set it up from my phone their was no delay… so I think it has something to do what what device you set it up with.

Similar problem…
My new battery powered doorbell arrived today and has an Alexa delay of up to an hour!
Very dissapointing…

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5 hour delay last night, yep 1 AM Alexa doorbell!


I’ve had a couple of instances now where the Alexa announcements on my Echo Plus have been around 4-5 minutes behind!

I have this same issue now, with about a 20min delay. Did anyone find a fix?

Same here battery doorbell perfect for weeks now Alexa delays, tried clearing cache in Alexa app, nothing on my system has changed how can it work fine then not for no apparent reason. Eufy a fix or advice please!!

Just noticed that the routines I had set in Alexa for my 2C cameras are also effected. I had routines set to switch on smart lights in house when cameras picked up motion during the night.

Also other users are reporting similar issues on the Amazon Alexa skills EufySecurity page.

I eventually cleared the problem after reaching out on the Amazon EufySecurity skills webpage, where I was told to disable the skill in the Amazon app, leave a few minutes & then re-enable the skill & log back into the Eufy skill to re-associate my Eufy devices. So far after 12hrs, it appears that both Alex & Eufy are back in sync, giving notifications simultaneously.

I have tried the disabled skill and even deleted all the devices…but still got a delay of 5 mins.
I have reported it to Support who have said this is “a very unusual case”… can I suggest you log any issues with Support.
I have sent them links to all the various threads with this issue… :slight_smile:

I have just emailed them again regarding the on going issue. Reference Ticket#35609919

I have also sent them a log from the EUFY app which was requested by their support team on the last correspondence.

"So sorry to know the Alexa issue happens again. In this situation, we will forward the issue to the engineer for analysis. Would you please provide us the following information?

–The exact time when you realized there is a delay on the Alexa, such as 1-20 14:43

–upload a user log via: Side menu>about>press eufy logo 5 times>upload log

Thank you for your patience and your help; we look forward to sorting this out for you!

Unfortunately this issue is back!

Same with me sadly, I’ve reported it again. Everyone else please do so as well.


Same situation here, system is getting more unreliable by the day. Over the Last year the system gone more and more broken

Yep - been like this for about 6 weeks now. Getting fed up and may go back to ring or try something else…

My battery is crap in my doorbell and now it doesn’t even ring on time… seems like this is a pointless device at the moment