Delay setoff not working on camera alarms

Hi all,

I have a system with a Homebase 2, 2 eufycam2, a keypad and motion sensor for the door.

For the Home Away mode, I’m trying to set up a delay on when the alarm goes off - so that I can get in my flat and change the mode through the keypad. However, I doesn’t seem like the cameras follow the rule and they just go off at 0 seconds.

I’ve seen some recommend to set the following if you want a delay in Home Away mode:
A) Configure the cameras to not sound their alarm when triggered.
B) Configure the cameras to activate the homebase alarm when triggered.
C) Configure the delay in the Home Away mode.
D) Set up an automation so that if the Homebase alarm goes off, the alarm goes off on the cameras too.

I’ve tested this and it seems to work, but I would prefer not to have the Homebase alarm go off - as then it’s very easy to locate and remove.

Is there anyway to set the Home Away mode as described? Or my current solution is the best I can do for now?


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Hello together

I had the same problem.
Now I have solved it as described above. This seems to work. Well… a little cumbersome, but the main thing is that the alarm does not always go off and my neighbors are not bothered by it.
If there is a better solution, please let me know.
So, thanks again for the help.

Best regards from Switzerland :grinning::mountain_snow::mountain_cableway::chocolate_bar::cheese::watch: