Delay in push notifications on wireless doorbell

I’ve had a setup of the wireless doorbell and two Eufy cam2 all synced to the homebase 2 for about 3 weeks now.

I’ve noticed that sometime there is quite a delay in push notifications when there is either motion at the doorbell or someone pushes the bell. This can be quite random too eg. connected to home WiFi it took about 5 mins for a push but when out at the shop using 4G the push was instant. Any thoughts, tips or tricks for this? I’m currently running an Android phone, all apps up to date.

This has probably been discussed before I’m sure, but searching around ‘push notification’ didn’t yield anything for me.

Thanks :grin:

Hey there, it may have to do with (over) aggressive background task killing of the operating system.
It’s normal that a notification over 4G takes longer than your home Wi-Fi, as the notification has to traverse the internet.

Can you verify that the eufy app is allowed to run in the background and has not battery optimization active?


@alan_kemp1988 can you try changing the notification content to Text only by going to Doorbell Settings–>Notifications–> … to rule out this background processing is not causing the delay.

Thanks, I’ve changed this and will see if that helps.

So interestingly, it was the other way round - quicker notification on 4G. However, that may have been a one off. In answer to the question, yes Eufy can run in the background and there is no battery optimisation running. Thanks

Hi @John0

That may be a very useful suggestion. Are these known causes of long notification delays?

I got back home earlier today, passing by the video doorbell in the porch. The notification arrived at 13:11. When I looked at the event in the app, it’s timed at 13:03.

So that’s eight minutes for the notification to reach my phone. Utterly unacceptable, in my view, and incomparably worse than the Ring doorbell I replaced.

It would be good to know if someone has a way to diagnose where the delay is happening. Presumably the route is DB → HomeBase → Eufy via internet → Phone via internet. That’s several links and I’d like to know where the weakness is. But I have no way to peek at the network traffic and work out where it’s being held up.

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@john0 Thanks again for this pointer. I switched the app to “Not optimized”, and so far it seems to be making the difference. My wife’s phone was suffering notification delays of 10 minutes yesterday, whereas my phone was much more immediate. I don’t want to say instantaneous, but certainly within an acceptable range.

Since then we’ve switched off optimization on the app on her phone, and the response times have have improved considerably.

Of course, it could be coincidence, so I’m still monitoring, and I’m hoping that the phones’ battery life doesn’t suffer too much.

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Great news! Good to know this is a potential cause for delayed notifications.
Today I changed the thumbnail in notification setting to ‘with thumbnail’ and notifications took about a minute to arrive. Now I set it back to ‘full effect’ and they’re fast again :slight_smile:
Maybe this can be of help to you as well.

Interesting. I was also using “include thumbnail”, which I think is the app’s default. As a test, I’ve switched to “Most efficiency”, and will report back on our findings.

Does anybody have a working permanent solution for this issue? My wife and me are both the app on our phones and get a message when someone is at our door. However, sometimes I have a large delay.
Even today my wife did get a signal that someone was at our door, while I did get the messages 15 minutes later on my phone! This is not always taking that long.

What’s causing this?

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Have a look at my thread it might work for you