Decrypting from local storage


I have a S380 base (system version with a 960 GB Kingston SSDNow A400 drive installed (83% free space).

I have seven eufyCams attached:
2 x S330 (system version:
2 x eufyCam2 (system version: 4.6.9)
3 x eufyCam 2C Pro (system version:

Suddenly (started out of the blue for about a week ago) it seems impossible to play recordings from any of the cameras no matter if I go directly to the camera from within the eufy app (v4.7.6…1865(EU)) on my Android phone or goes through the Events menu. I get an envelope showing ‘Decrypting from local storage’ and after about 5-10 seconds it dissapears, but the video can not be played afterwards.If I click on the play icon again, it goes back to the message ‘Decrypting from local storage’.

I have tried resetting the app and restarting base and all cameras but no luck.

Please help

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I have around 800 Mbps up/down via Wi-Fi to my mobile device and all cameras are showing ‘Great’ in Wi-Fi Signal Strength. Homebase is connected directly to the router via LAN by the way, so I do not suspect network problems.

Everybody is have trouble with the new released app v4.7.6_1865 its full of issues as I have the same problem with the app I can view playback of a recorded video when it does work but the video is choppy and freezes and live view is the same I went back to the previous app v4.7.5_1843 and everything is great no issues with the previous app. I have created a trouble ticket with Eufy to report this and everybody should do the same. Here is the previous app.


Thanks for sharing! I have created a trouble ticket as well. Will try the previous app and report back of the result.

Just installed v4.7.5_1843 and everything is back to normal. Thanks a lot!

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Just to add to my reply this is what I received from eufy they know about the issue.

Thank you for your reply

We would like to express an apology for the inconvenience caused by our eufy security app.

Please note that the backend engineers have already recorded the issue. We appreciate your patience while we are working hard to resolve the issue.

We apologize again for the negative experience and appreciate your persistent trust in our products and software.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach


Eufy Customer Support Manager

You mean you went back to the previous app v4.7.5_1843 the app with issues is v4.7.6_1865.

Yep that was what I meant. Post corrected and thanks again.

I have the same problem since 27-10-23. And sended a ticket. I hope the problem will be fixed by Eufy.

Hey, having totally the same issues with the latest release. Cannot raise the ticket from the app as it crashes on 95% of uploading logs and screenshots.
I gave this version one more chance. Dropped all saved data on the phone for the app. Did relogin. For now, everything seems to be ok. Cams don’t get disconnected, Videos, which were recorded and then replayed covered in grey or issues when recording even cannot be started for now are gone.
If that is temporary - will revert back to the previous version as well.

Update: downgraded to v4.7.5 - works like a charm again

Downgraded to v4.7.5 - works as it should. Thank you for sharing.

Eufy needed logs from my system but had to update too the trouble app sent what I could and went back the the 1843 app they said there having batch issues what ever that means but what strange with the problem app if I download the choppy video to my phone it plays smooth only when live viewing and video playback its a problem but I did notice something on the bad app it caught me as I was leaving the video area where the previous good app playing the same video it caught me as soon as I entered it area. Why don’t they fall back to the previous app untill they figure this bad one out.

Use “Total Commander” app to backup app before intall new update.
You can re-install old app if Eufy failed app release.

Also, must send in feedback couple of times back to Eufy. otherwise, they think it is just a minor issue.

this release render cameta useless.

Same problems here.

Reporting feedback in app just to push the importance of the issue. :slight_smile: