Dark theme needed


Make it a priority to provide at least ONEalternative theme to the outrageously WHITE and blindingly bright design theme in the Eufy application for Android. I’m begging…I often use my app at night and check things out laying in bed using my cell phone or tablet. This is a painful scenario because my entire array of Android devices (Samsung Galaxy S10, S7 edge and Tab S6) use built-in DARK MODE & DARK THEMING so going into the Eufy app from just about any other application is a MASSIVE SHOCK to the senses and it is disturbing to my partner as well.

Even Google finally got on board with providing DARK THEMES in all of their major applications and that was like pulling teeth from a hungry bear for years!

This is big big deal, believe it or not! Especially given that it is a SECURITY APPLICATION that many users will NEED to use at night…perhaps when awakened from a sound sleep. Being immediately BLINDED by the display of the mobile device …not by the securitycamera feeds, but by the solid glaring WHITE background of the entire application UI, is not helpful when I need to be able to discern whether or not I have an active threat to worry about on my property.

Moreover, the immediacy of the “temporary” night blindness is further complicated by the fact that even after turning off the display of the device, it takes many many minutes for the human eye to readjust to total darkness …meaning a bigger problem in the event that I need to be able to see in the dark without for instance raising the awareness of an intruder or MY SLEEPING SPOUSE who is easily awakened–and not a nice person when rudely awakened regardless of the reason!

Thanks in advance