Custom notification sound not working

Since updating the eufy app the other day on Android my custom notification sound has changed back to the default sound even though I’ve chose a different sound (Bell) to tell the difference between a text and a eufy cam notification

I have the same issue :roll_eyes:

I have the same issue. I created a ticket with EUFy. I’m requesting they allow me to return to previous firmware because this is a big deal to me not being able to tell from the sound which motion which camera is being triggered. I have two indoor cams and two t2c models. The app ignores custom notification ringtones setting So I can no longer tell if movement is triggered from my indoor cams or my 2c Cam’s

Same for me. Update broke the custom notifications… Please fix!!


Thought I continue in this chain as I have question/issue with custom notification sound with my eufySecurity app (Android). I have just joined the eufy family.

So I can locate the Notification settings for each camera and there the App Alert tones, but it is giving only the “default” and then some genering sounds Bell, ding etc. and the "deafualt is the phone default, but there is no way to add custom/own/camera specific sound. Has there been fix to this already or is this the option we need to live with? thx!