Custom compression setting

I realized that even through the eufy cam 2 pro records 2K video, the quality is still much lower than Any other HD camera because it compresses the video way too much, leaving little detail in the picture.

It would be nice to choose either less or more video compression from the video quality menu.

IT may make sense that somebody would want high compression if they have many cameras and want to store clips way back. But for security, I would prefer a high quality image, especially when the camera itself is able to produce a clear image.

I hope you will consider this feature.


I totally agree! LifeHackster had a recent review on 2K cameras, Arlo, Eufy 2 Pro and Reolink. He compared the video quality, which Eufy compressed the most resulting in the worst picture, videos of all. Seems pointless in purchasing the Pro 2K cameras if it’s so compressed resulting in pixelated videos! Hoping Eufy can address?


All the 1080p dashcams I have had record much clearer video, at much higher data rates. I was quite disappointed in the video from my eufy indoor 2k.

This feature would give a huge advantage that would be noted in comparison reviews.

Definitely should but unlikely

This could be addressed by not using such old codecs and instead using an up-to-date format like AV1 for video (and AVIF for photos) which has the best compression rate possible, meaning higher quality at smaller filesize.