Curious about which category to go? Here comes a community categorization

Hey, eufy Fans:

Welcome to the new eufy Security community. As you may be noticed, we have several categories of posts. What are they? Here comes a brief introduction:

Site Feedback

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the website, you can let us know right here.

Whether it’s a feature you believe will enhance the user experience or a suggestion to improve the backend, we want to hear from you.

The News

This is where we’ll post all of the latest official eufy Security news!

From brand-new product reveals, community news and launches to industry news and media reviews, the news section is where you can find and discuss all the latest goings-on in the world of eufy Security.

The Queries

If you have a burning question about your eufy Security product that needs answering, this is the place to go!

Whether it’s one of our official moderators or one of the many awesome community members that call this place home, someone will be on hand to offer you advice.

Tips & Tricks

Discovered a neat trick to get the max out of your eufy Security product? Then share it right here so that your fellow eufy Security fans can share in the joy!


This is your one-stop destination for letting us know what you want from the next cutting-edge eufy Security product.

Be it a particular feature you want to see in the next-generation of eufyCam, or to a wholely new product category you’d like us to expand into, this is the place share with us your hopes and wishes.


Want to let the world know what you think of your shiny-new eufy Security product? Pen a review right here in the Reviews section and tell everyone just what you think!

Deals and Giveaways

This is a nice place to share the deals from outer source, anywhere you see the deals, please post it and share with more people.

Hope you are crystal clear about categorization. I will also manually move the post when it is wrongly categorized to keep the community clean and tidy.

Enjoy your eufy life here!

Your friend Mengdi


Nice topic post on tips for which category to use for which post.

Most of us here are from Anker / SoundCore (hope so) so we are almost accustomed to follow these :grin:

Soon you will have more new neighbors because we will sync with App

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It should help to keep things more organized

Good to know, thanks @Mengdi :clap: