Continuous Recording without internet connection

I’d like to see an option added to allow continuous recording to local storage even if internet connectivity is not available.

I expected my Eufy indoor cameras to continuously record to MicroSD despite no internet connection. I left my Eufy indoor cam at a location without internet for 2 weeks. I was very disappointed that I could not review the footage beyond the date that the internet connection was disconnected. The lost footage could have helped me track down details about some missing property from a rental home. Very discouraging.


Yes. Can only support this request as I expected this behaviour from the Cameras I’ve bought recently. One camera is monitoring my backyard and today I have had an internet outage. This camera is setup to continuously record my backyard but when I checked the time of the outage the whole timespan is not there.

I do not have cloud storage enabled but I have a 64GB SD card installed. I could live with the fact that I can not access the footage without internet, but I surely would like to have the footage nonetheless.

Please put something in the firmware of the camera.

I am sort of glad that I had the outage today, because this is a helpful information for my consideration to get additional cameras… or not.