Continuous Recording/Security Profile Conflict on Indoor Cam 2K

I’m confused how the “continuous recording” option in an individual indoor 2K camera’s settings works alongside the record settings in the various security profiles.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but It seems like when I have 24/7 continuous recording enabled with the use of a microSD card, it trumps whatever the security profile says to do.

For example, I can have a camera set to “disarmed” in the security tab which shouldn’t record anything, but it still continues to record anyway (I assume because I have continuous recording enabled in the camera settings).

I was hoping that the continuous recording setting would work like this: “continuously record but only when the active security profile has the record video option enabled.”

If I turn continuous recording off in the camera settings and have an active security profile with the record video option enabled, then the security profile only permits the camera to record motion events and not continuous.

Hopefully I’m explaining this clearly enough. But has anyone else run into the same conflict with the indoor 2K cams where the continuous recording option doesn’t play nice with the security profiles?