Constantly creating false recordings in windy weather

My eufy E cams are constantly creating false recordings in windy conditions, even when motion sensitivity is turned down to 10. Further to this the conditions are not storm-gale, just a bit windy!

Think it’s obvious the PIR sensor is not able to cope in basic windy conditions. Very disappointed with the performance of the camera sensors.

More annoyingly, when someone does enter the PIR zone, it does not capture it, as the sensitivity is set so low!


I’ve got the same issue at times. I’ve even cut branches out of trees trying to stop the false alarms. Bright sunny windy days plays hell on mine.

Yes, I also tried the same thing and cut branches and bushes and still made no difference. What is also so annoying is that the PIR does not pick up anything coming towards the camera. Particularly when the motion sensitivity has to be turned down to deal with a little wind!

Thank you for reaching out to eufy!

We are very sorry to hear about the issue with your eufySecurity system. Let’s get you taken care of!

Please try the following steps as they can often times already solve the issue:

Reduce the Motion Detection Sensitivity. Here are the steps:
My device>Camera name>Camera Settings>motion detection>Set motion detection sensitivity

If the issue still persists, please help to provide the following information:

  • A video depicting the issue
  • The email address of your eufy account

Please be assured we always stand behind our products and want to make this right for you.

If the issue still persists, please contact

I used to have a defective Eufy cam e that would go off for no reason at all, but after contacting Eufy they gave us a free replacement and the new one works like a charm!

Hi Support

Thanks for replying. The motion sensitivity has been turned down to deal with the false recordings, but as a result it now does not record many legitimate motions.This is such a shame and very frustrating.

Same issue here, motion detection seems to be all over the place. A branch can trigger multiple recordings but when I walk outside it records nothing, very infuriating.

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Unfortunately I have had to leave a 1 star rating on Amazon because of this issue. People need to be made aware of this major flaw before they consider buying the Eufy e camera system. Such a shame.

So sorry for the inconvenience caused.

You have our promise that our engineers would work day and night to improve this product and we are glad to have your support and understanding, which would be a huge encouragement for us to seeking continuous improvement.

In order to better assist you, we would love to asssit you with the return with no cost for you. Please provide the your order information to We will try our best to get you taken care of within 24 hours.

Apologized again for any inconvenience caused. Looking forward to your reply.

Same issue…I purchased the eufy doorbell for Amazon and UPS delivers…on several occasions the doorbell has captured the trees blowing and cars passing…however when a delivery driver drops off a package and takes a picture the doorbell missed the entire delivery. This has been so disappointing.

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This issue generates motion alerts all day and night. I’m getting hundreds per day even with the motion area reduced the shadows of a tree moving outside of the video frame trigger motion, rain triggers motion, bugs trigger motion. I really hope Eufy can send down a patch to address these issues. The only way to make the alerts stop is reducing the sensitivity to the point where a person can walk right past and not trigger an alert.


I purchase the 2c kit, setup in the morning. Everything set in fine daytime weather and working perfect.
Then the evening came, alerts constant from motion. The wind had increased and it started to rain. I understand that the motion detect at night revert to “all motion”. So the human set for day time does not work at night. The end result was the reduction of the sensitivity to only 2!. This now means that during the day time motion is NOT being detected.
EUFY you guys need to either correct this issue!

A suggestion:
Have two sensitivity settings, ie one for “daytime” and one for “night” this would be a great improvement for now at least.


This is what I found too at night its picking up the milkman van 35m away or a midge flying past the camera. I have no brushes or trees to cause motion so when I look it’s always like fireflies streaking. I have had only 1 issue during the day time someone pressed the button in the rain and it kept alerting me every 30 seconds till I wiped it dry.

I have this same problem, plus also spider webs as well getting in front of the camera and setting it off. Something I can get 100 alerts in a night. Same issue if I turn down the sensitivity it doesn’t record what’s important! I just want it to detect pets and people or a car pulling up in the drive, not the trees blowing in the wind! Seems this is a common issue. Wish I read these posts first before I invested in 4 cameras.

Same, on windy days I often get between 150-300 false movement notifications and its from ALL my eufy outdoor cameras. Trees, grass, bushes moving in the wind. It also appears to track movement of shadows and that will also trigger a notification. I have reported ~2700 clips to Eufy and zero improvement so far. I am not sure the video reporting is meant for algorithm improvement of non-AI features such as general “Movement”.