Constant restarting Homebase 2

Problems with live viewing, viewing notifications, videos appearing in events, notifications. Restarting my Homebase 2 seems to fix, but I need to restart my Homebase daily, sometimes more than once a day? Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

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Ditto. My windows sensors start disappearing and my doorbell can take like 2-3 minutes to bring it up. Not very useful on the doorbell since one of the big reasons for getting the doorbell was so I could talk to delivery people on signature packages. Have to reboot it like every 1-2 days. I was seriously thinking about getting an outlet timer for my base.

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i actually have my homebase plugged into a smart plug because sometimes a reboot doesn’t even get all the cameras and sensors back. the smartplug allows me to do a homebase power off then on . very annoying when you need to instantly view a camera. also very time consuming.

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I added to the wishlist. A few days ago.

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as a possible workaround i opened my smart plug app that i have the homebase 2 plugged into and see that i can schedule events like you can with smart lighting. so i have the homebase 2 now set to turn off at 1am and turn back on at 1.01am everyday. i will see if that helps.


My door sensors are not working reliably. Still see them in my device list, but no chime or change of state when doors open/close. Only works again if I power cycle the HomeBase E. Very disappointing for home security. This system is less than a week old and I’m already considering sending it back for another brand. Wireless signal strength is also very poor in a 1250 sqft, ranch home.

Who would seriously be okay with this system if it needs a reboot every day?! There has to be a software problem that needs to be fixed.

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Exactly. There are many issues. It seems more gets broken than fixed during updates.

I have until 8/5/2020 to return this system to Amazon. If it’s not fixed soon, I’m getting my money back. Great idea and simple to install, but service and reliability are poor.

I was told by support this morning that a firmware updated is expected in 1-2 months.

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Not good enough for me. I would be stuck with this system at that point and who knows if it will work then or not.
Just curious, how did you hear from Eufy support? I was under the impression they were only available M-F during “normal business hours”.

I understood the same. I replied to an email this morning and they responded within an hour. I was shocked and even told my wife it was odd.

just an update. after having the smart plug cycle the homebase 2 on / off at midnight each night i have found it has no effect with system stability. i still randomly lose cameras and sensors. i believe this is either a service issue with eufy or a firmware issue that needs immediate attention

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Up until yesterday my battery doorbell (wired) was quick to respond both to movement and live view. Live view was giving usually between 100-300kbs speed, pretty good. However today I’m lucky to get single figure speed, sometimes not connecting at all, and any video captured is virtually unwatchable.
A restart of the Homebase seemed to have no effect whatsoever. My Homebase is around 10 feet from then doorbell, and I’m checking with my phone from about the same distance.
My Homebase is connected to Ethernet, so I tried wifi as it’s only 4 feet or so from my router, but it won’t even connect to my router!
After reading all the other woes I’m not a happy bunny😠

Update: I had to remove my doorbell device, and reinstall it to get it back as it was, which as we know is a bit of a ‘faff’ which I hope I don’t have to keep doing. Let’s see how long it is before I have to repeat it!

Until the reliability is improved I am going to do the same. Will have to put switch between Homebase and UPS though.

It’s just very simply……
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