Constant problems

Morning All.
Hopefully someone on here can help me.
I have a Homebase and 2 x eufycam 2 cameras.
I have had them since April and have had constant trouble with them.
The main problem is that both of that often fail to record at night.
I have tried all the usual stuff like restarting, turning on and off etc.
I have double checked all of my settings and they all seem to be fine.
I used to be able to get them working by uninstalling everything and reinstalling, this would usually kick things in for a few days but even that doesn’t work now.
I have contacted Eufy customer services but to be honest they haven’t been very interested at all.
I would be grateful for any advice.
Please don’t answer this post with “ mine work fine” etc. Whilst I’m very happy for you this won’t solve my problem.
Thanks in Advance