Constant false human detection notifications

Every 5-15 minutes every day, started about a week ago. The sconce light fixture next to our front door is triggering the human motion detection. Tried changing sensitivity and activity zones with no success. This is on a Solo Outdoor C24 camera. Must be an issue with the AI or a recent update because it started suddenly and prior to last week we had no issues since I set the camera up.

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Yea same here, I am getting notifications every 3-4 minutes now and when I watch the recording, there is ZERO motion, not so much as a tree blowing.

I also changed the sensitivity, even applied activity zones, nothing helps. Restarted several times. Driving me crazy.

To the point where I have to turn off the notifications, which defeats the purpose of having the unit installed.

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My c24 will miscall… lucky for me I am able to simply move that object a tad and it stops.

You do have the “mark” option on that cam. Have not tried it. Be my tester and give it go. And be the odd person and report back for us.