Constant boot loop pan&tilt indoor camera

Hello Eveyone,

both of my Pan&Tilt Indoor camera started to boot loop today after the power has been cut and returned…

Internet is working fine on all my devices.

I tried to remove from homekit and eufy app… and do the setup again.

I’m able to get the “beep” after holding the setup button from 2 seconds…

but camera continue to boot loop… thus I’m not able to complete the setup process.
I get solid blue led, camera sweep, flashing blue, flashing red,camera click, led off… and this cycle is restarted if I leave it connected.

How can I fix this?

Is it possible that an automatic firmware upgrade crashed both of my camera?

I have the same camera :camera:

Having the exact same issue. Suddenly started bootlooping during the night.
Can’t reconnect it never stays on long enough.
Tried multiple power sources, tried hard reset. Nothing helps.

I had this happen once when I first got the camera. Rebooting the router cleared it up. Any time you get Eufy gear locked up or not responding, I always always do 2 things first.

  1. Power down the device for several minutes.
  2. Reboot the router if the power cycle doesn’t work.

That has always fixed any issue I’ve had.

I had this exact issue with two cameras now.
The first failed after about two months with the exact problems described here.
Nothing worked to fix the problem and believe me I tried.
Finally I had to send the camera back and get a new one.

And now, after again about two months the exact same thing is happening!
Such a pitty! Good product, it’s a shame it does not work half of the time. And I have a sense it is a software issue. Eufy has had a pretty bad software experience so far although it seems they are working on it.

Anyways, I am undecided now if I should go for a third camera or just give up since there are tons of alternatives out there…

Same issue here , boot loop at startup and cannot continue setup

Try remove sd card.