Constant audio stutter in live feed, not in recording

I recently installed a Eufy Battery Doorbell but am really unhappy with the live audio feed.

It is simply impossible to have a conversation with anyone through the doorbell because the audio feed has a constant stutter. For example: I hear sound for 0.5 seconds, after which it will be silent for 0.5 seconds. This goes on indefinitely and seems to be always the case.

The strange thing, however, is that recordings have perfect sound. Both manual and automatic recordings have fluid sound, so it seems that something is wrong with the live feed.

My doorbell is positioned approximately 2 meters away from my wireless router. I have a 500/500 Mbit fibre connection and do not experience any other connectivity issues. This issue is reproducible on any client device: I have tried my iPad, iPhone and also an Android phone: all devices have issues with the live audio feed.

Is there anything I can do to solve this? As it is now, I find the quality to be unacceptable.

Example recordings showing this behavior:

Audio recording:

Live feed:


I was having a similar issue. My homebase is on my desk next to my router, and a Sonos speaker that utilizes sonosnet.

I also noticed some playback issues with my Sonos and the office one is the controller.

I ended up moving my homebase further away from both my router and Sonos speaker and both issues went away. I think there was some major interference on the 2.4Ghz band.

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Thanks for the feedback. I tried this as well, but for me, this did not resolve the issue.

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I have noticed the same behavior with my doorbell. I read somewhere else (Reddit?) that this is a new issue that commenced with the current firmware - my doorbell camera is new so I have only used the current firmware and don’t have another point of reference. Can anyone offer their experience?

In my case, the Homebase is connected via wifi, but the connection test in the app shows the connection as ‘solid’ for both the router and the doorbell. I have this issue whether I am on the local network or on 4G (I’m not sure if the stream traverses the public internet when you are on the same network). My internet connection is 50/20 - not amazing but still should have plenty of bandwidth for the stream. Other people in the household have no issues whatsoever with other live video/audio apps (Facetime, Duo, etc).


I found the Reddit thread talking about the same issue. This specifically states the problem began with the latest update. Not sure if they are referring to a firmware update on the device, or an app update.

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I’m hoping eufy are working on a fix… like the post above I’ve not used an older firmware to compare but the audio feed is very stuttery and intermittent on mine as well


Update here:

I have had my device replaced and still have the exact same issue.

I have noticed, however, that if I change video quality from “Automatic” to “Medium”, the audio stutter (almost) disappears. This is not an ideal solution.

This issue is also unrelated to my bandwidth. I am on a 500Mbit fibre connection and my wifi access points sits about 2.5 meters from my doorbell.

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Here exactly the same problem. Streaming is always with stutter every second, but video records are all great sound and video quality. Please fix this problem. Now i can not talk live with persons at my door.


Same issue with my doorbell. Router is 2 meters from the doorbell. It’s not possible to have a conversation with the visitor. I installed the doorbell three weeks ago. I’m very disappointed I think I will sell the doorbell en buy another branch. If this is a firmware issue please look into this now.
I connected to Ethernet mode, but still stutters like hell. Eufy fix this issue ASAP, the video doorbell is completely useless now.

When I record the the conversation with the visitor there is no stutter.
Eufy I assume it’s a software related issue.
Please fix it asap…


Here the same stutter sound issue. Live feed is always with stutter, but when i watch in Live stream mode and i push the record button so it save the video on my Iphone or Ipad the video is just fine without any stutter sound? Please fix this problem! I can not talk normally to people standing on my door.


Have the exact same issue, purchased the video doorbell early feb so never had another firmware. very annoying though so hoping for an update soon…


I can confirm. I bought my door bell on December and it worked great. Then the homebase was updated and than this door bell was useless. There was also an app update but it made no difference. Something in the firmware broke the device!

Eufy fix this!!! This is unacceptable.


Im on a gigabit line and it has now started stuttering after the update.

Same issue here… incredibly frustrating, and essentially unusable for live stream/2-way audio in High quality video mode.

I had the same issue. When connecting with a caller on an IPhone communication was flawless but my Android phone connection was intermittent. I resolved it partly by unpairing the bell from the app and reconnecting it. Also I set the life stream speed to ‘low’.

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How did you unpair the bell from the app? Please share

I have just purchased a video doorbell and am having the same issue. Its impossible to have a conversation with anyone at the door as I cannot understand what they are saying due to the stutter. Do updates happen automatically? How can we get this sorted?

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Has this issue been resolved?

No. We are waiting for a fix and firmware update.

Seems like Eufy is completely ignoring the forum :frowning: