Connect doorbell to mesh wifi rather than homebase 3?

Hello, I just purchased a homebase 3 and a video doorbell 2K HD.

while I have the doorbell unit inside my house, I can see the feed and the connection is decent, however, when I take it outside, there is absolute zero connection. There’s no chance the homebase will ever be able to have an established connection to the doorbell.

However, I have mesh wifi system, and I can place one mesh point in line of sight with the doorbell when installed outside, I think there would be a good chance that a connection could be established there.

I can’t figure out how to connect the doorbell to my wifi. I have checked all the menu items in the app, and can’t seem to find anything about switching from homebase connection to wifi.

Could someone please explain me how to achieve this?

:pray: Thank you!

Hi, does the doorbell cam you have need the HomeBase3 to work or is it a standalone item?
Anything that connects to the HomeBase3 via it’s own Wi-Fi has about a 30 ft range, that being said obstacles within your home can decrease that.
You’ll need to move the HB3 closer to your doorbell…
You can connect the HB3 wirelessly to one of your mesh AP or if it has an Ethernet port that way also, if it helps you to get it closer to the doorbell.

Hi, thanks for your suggestion! I Kind of already thought about this, but my house situation is a bit strange, I have a shared front garden, with a locked gate. So I need my doorbell to be at the gate, which is quite far from my flat (one floor down and 6-7 meters)… I only have one window that would have line of sight to the doorbell, but I would prefer the HB not to be standing in my window… The mesh units are smaller and I could install one in the ceiling of my stairways, and I think that could be just close enough to the gate… however, I can’t really put the HB there, as its a shared space, and the HB doesn’t really mount in a ceiling. Thats why I was hoping that I could connect the doorbell directly to the mesh wifi. And I think that should be possible techniclly :thinking: at last I found some sources that states its 2.4Ghz wifi compatible… Its the model T8210C.

If I can’t connect it to my wifi, I might end up going with your suggestion, and moving the HB to a better spot, which would be the window. But I’d like it to stay hidden if possible :slight_smile:

I checked what doorbell you have. Is this the one?

It’s battery powered and also it can be hardwired to your existing doorbell wires. How do you have it hooked up?
If it’s connected/powered hardwired it may have the option for a multi-bridge connection.
Which would allow you to connect the doorbell to your mesh access point.

If not, you could return the product and purchase a doorbell camera that doesn’t need a HomeBase. Eufy has three of them and then you can just connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi mesh.

I found that the doorbell couldn’t establish any connection when placed outside, resulting in zero connectivity. Recognizing that my mesh Wi-Fi system could potentially resolve this problem by placing a mesh point in the line of sight with the doorbell, I attempted to switch the doorbell’s connection from the Homebase to my Wi-Fi network. I struggled to find smart whip canisters any options within the Eufy Security app to make this transition.

That’s exactly what I am experiencing. I have looked in all possible places in the app, I dont think that user interface exist… So instead I had to place my homebase in a window, so it’s in line of sight with my doorbell. Now I get perfect connection, but this is really not optimal, if I have intruders they will simply grab the homebase and then I don’t have any footage of the burglars, completely defeating the purpose… I’d prefer the homebase to be locked up in a safe room.

Your doorbell needs the Homebase to connect. It is 2.4 Ghz wifi, but uses its own proprietary network in this band. You cannot use standard wi-fi or mesh connection with this model.