Confused about automation / triggers

I own a Eufy Security 1080P, as I am testing it to replace my Wyze Cameras. The person detection works great! The quality is amazing!

But I am trying to configure the camera to turn on lights (smart outlet) when it detects a person. Not motion, but an actual person. Is this possible? Documentation on triggers is poor, I can’t even find what screen it is configured on, but one post says it on the Security tab, however, I don’t have the automation option on this tab.

Is my camera not compatible? Or do I need more hardware?

Thank you!

IndoorCam or eufyCam?

Model No: Indoor Cam

They are different from EufyCam?

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The automation feature works only with the homebase as far as I know. If you had a homebase, then only the cameras would be controller using automation, no smart outlets.

You can integrate with IFTTT through your phone to start smart light.

I did it like this.

Cam sees person
Phone gets eufy notification with word person in it
Phone triggers IFTTT to start smart life light


Thank you, I have been trying to figure out how I could do that with Eufy. I have hubitat for all smart devices (switches, sensors etc) except cameras (currently have wyze). I was looking at Eufy but need a way to trigger hubitat. I have wyze cam automations that can turn on a light or outlet, which I can recognize in hubitat (via sensor or IFTTT) and then do anything else in hubitat (including pushover notiication). My main goal is to get person detection to trigger pushover (loud) notification. If there is Eufy automation that can turn on a light, switch or outlet, I could do it that way without IFTTT (would be much quicker notification that via IFTTT as well) - but IFTTT will at least do the job.

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Would be much better with some better integration… To avoid ifttt.

Is hubitat good / the best?

For now I only have tuya and eufy… Would love to keep it all local.