Condensation/ misted lens

After cold night in UK seem to get condensation/ mist on the front of the lens in the morning which lowers the viewing quality. Is this because it’s operated by battery? As have another brand which is wired and does not have this problem.

Me too in the Netherlands.
3 X eufy cam 2c
1 X Doorbell
4 X eufycam 2pro

Me too in Belgium Eufycam 2

It’s not really related to the location. In any place where there is cold/wet weather this can happen. Despite the fact the cams are IP certified, there are not always 100% closed off.

Richard, do all of your cameras have condensation on the lenses?

No, only the cam 2c

Same here. Found if I mount cameras under cover, (close to top of camera), helps.
Tried using antifog solutions, car wax, etc. Didn’t seem to help. Eufy support was no help either.

The cameras are sealed and protected so the moisture doesn’t get inside.
The fog/moisture built up on the outside of the camera depends on the mounting location and the weather conditions.
I have 2 eufycams and doorbells outside in Canadian winter, rarely see fog/blur on one of the camera mounted on the rear wall which might expose to snow some times.

Tonight it has happened even to me because of beach rains, and I am in Africa… Will it recover?

It will dry up eventually, so yeah.