Concerns Before I Purchase

I’m sorry to bother everyone here, but I just tried a Lorex system and hated almost everything about it. I wanted to check with people here to verify a few things before I switch over to a Eufy system. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads all this, I REALLY appreciate it.

These are the products I plan on buying:eufy Security Video Doorbell 2K (Wired) | eufy Security

  1. The first thing I need to confirm is person detection / false notifications. The Lorex doorbell did that fine and I only had one false notification…but the other Lorex stuff was AWFUL. I’d get notifications all night long for car headlights, bugs near the camera, the occasional small cat and rain. Yes, RAIN. You’d think even the cheapest cameras would be able to know the difference between a person and rain ;/ Are the above cameras okay with notifications, or will they be 99% false like the Lorex?

  2. I’d like to confirm that the recordings are done on the device itself, but can be accessed by the app. I want to make sure when my wifi goes down, the cameras are still recording, as long as there’s power.

  3. Can you transfer recordings from the camera to a PC? Or email…or basically can you easily share recordings?

  4. Can you globally mute notifications? With the Lorex you could, but you’d have to manually disable them on all cameras, individually. Or just get 100 notifications when mowing the lawn.

  5. Are the apps good? With the Lorex, whenever you clicked on a notification, the app would freeze. When it did work, you couldn’t view the recorded clip, only a live view…so if someone walked by the camera and was heading up my stairs, I’d see nothing in the live view and since I couldn’t access the recording, I wouldn’t know who was walking up.

  6. Do the motion lights set each other off? I’ve woken up a few times to 50 notifications, because a car passing by would set off one camera’s lights. Then, the light from that floodlight camera would trigger another one to go one…and they’d basically all activate each other all night long. It must have looked like a really slow light show to my neighbors :frowning:

Thanks so much for the feedback!