Concealing Eufy cameras outside

Looking for creative ideas for concealing cameras mounted outside. Has anyone boxed them , mounted them on tree trunks, painted them in camouflage colours.

Not quite that extreme. However, I did hide it mounted on a wood fence covered by a 7’ pine tree bush. Honestly, you can’t even see it. It is 100% covered by the green pine except the lens. So, I suppose that concealed. All ears if you have ideas.

I mounted mine to a tree, but I haven’t camouflaged it. You have to ensure branches arent in the way or else at night the IR will wash out the picture and motion detection will be affected

If your roof hangs over a little, perhaps there is a way to obscure it there. However, as long as they are reasonably high they will be safe, and you only have to get on a ladder a couple times a year.

We did this. The wife is painting it as we speak. It sticks out a bit due to the wide angle. If not it looks like your looking through a tiny window. :slight_smile:


Love this!

Here is what it looks like now. She did a great job


Looks great! I just hope a bird doesn’t go crashing into it thinking it’s available haha. But you may get some cool footage if one inspects the cam :eagle:

Lol. I thought about that also. Waiting to catch a squirell looking into the camera.

Amazing. How do you get it down when you need to charge it?

The back wall is attached to the tree and the camera is attached to the wall. The rest of it slides over and we put screws in the sides. In the first picture (unpainted) you can see screws towards the tree.

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Brilliant and beautiful!

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Has anyone thought about concealment vs overt visibility? That bird house takes the cake for concealment! However, there is also a thought of security cameras being visible as a deterrent. Hence the market for “dummy” cameras exists. While we all obviously believe in actual cameras. Is it good for it to be seen? I have 1 location “concealed”, 3 more visible and the last somewhere in the middle (5 cameras total).

I had definatley thought about it myself. My other camera is not concealed. The one in the bird house just really stuck out so much it was a sore sight. I like people knowing they are there.

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I mounted a EufyCam 2 on big cedar posts with black medal brackets at the peak of my covered porch and it just looked bad. So I used oil based Black rustolium and painted it with a brush to match the big metal brackets. Now unless I point it out you doing even see it.


So many interesting ideas!

The official protective skin has already launched.

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I wrapped one of my Eufy cameras in Allen ‘Mossy Oak’ Camouflage Duct Tape and mounted it in one of my trees since I didn’t want anyone walking by and noticing it. Looks fairly concealing to me!?

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This is fun. My 2c. Can you see it ?


I covered my eufyCam 2 Pro with a camouflage beanie hat to blend in better with the tree it’s attached to. One in a tree bark pattern would have been better, but not found in stores near me.I hadn’t realized until I read this thread that there’s a Mossy Oak tape, which would have worked better than the black duct tape I used at the lens end. Farther back, I simply stapled the hat closed.