Complete Eufy cameras noob here!

Good afternoon all, I am a Eufy smart vacuum owner and love Anker!

Additionally, I am Arlo owner of a Arlo Ultra 4K camera system for the last 18 months or so but I think I am just about fed up with Arlo.

I am huge Apple HomeKit user and like everything I read about Eufy and HomeKit.

I want to replace my existing Arlo Ultra 4K 2 camera and audio doorbell system.

What is the best Eufy cameras I can mount on the outside of my house also I would love, love if they were Apple Homekit comp with Secure video too!!! I have been reading about the Eufy cameras for the last couple days online but I am bit confused about the Eufy 2 cameras and Eufy 2c cameras.

On my must have list I am not sure if local storage is a must but the highest on my list is Apple Homekit and a very happy bonus would be Apple HomeKit secure video as well!

Thanks in advance everyone for your time!


I‘m an ex Arlo user too.
There‘re a few things you wan‘t have after you changed to Eufy:

  • The Arlo Ultra has a better image quality.
  • at the moment, no shedule with geofencing
  • no notification with sreenshot (should come soon)

What you get:

  • way cheaper system
  • much better sound quality
  • faster system! Way faster in my opinion!
  • no monthly fee
  • local storage
  • Apple HSV (Cam 2 and 2C)

There are more things positiv and maybe negativ but I can say that I sold my Arlo system after just 2 days! :smile::+1:

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To add to your list, you also get:

• Bugs in the software that are never addressed.
• Promised HomeKit support that never arrives.
• The worst customer care you could imagine.
• Half baked features, (please see geofencing).
• Typos throughout the app.

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Don‘t worry about that. He has Arlos and is used to these things :smile::wink:


Thats correct, I am used to unaddressed issues with Arlo where they typically take weeks/months to fix issues they cause.

Additionally, Eufy is much further along presently compared with Arlo. Eufy has HomeKit secure video, they have remote view easily of recordings from the local SD, card, they have no monthly fees, and custom notification sounds for Eufy iOS app, and much more.

Hey @derDoc. I posted a 7 day auction on eBay and sold my Arlo Ultra’s in 2 days as well and they even chose the ‘buy it now’ feature and I shipped them out this afternoon. Good ridden!


I was an Arlo customer for 19 months, I know about the worst customer service already.

The bugs so far are way better than Arlo.

I do not use geofencing at all.

So far, I am pretty happy with Eufy!

I sold my Arlos 2 days after I installed my Eufy Sysfem and I‘m still happy.
Had my Pro/Pro2 for more than 2 years.
Eufy is much faster. The app starts faster and the live view delay is only 1 second. I couldn’t even use the two way audio with Arlo.