Coming Soon to Kickstarter: Smart Parcel Box | The Future of Secure Deliveries

Eufy Security is preparing to launch its first smart parcel box, possibly called Smart Drop… Take a look!

Crowdfunding will begin on August 20, 2020, at 7:00 AM ET.

Here were a few design ideas from April:


The user might have to assemble the smart parcel box themselves in order to save about $20 on shipping costs. This would likely take less than 30 minutes.

Installation Method

Four options were being considered, including:

  • Mount on the wall using screws
  • Mount on the floor using screws
  • Mount on a railing using a chain
  • Place on the floor without mounting

Battery Life

Although wired power was considered, a rechargeable device with six months of battery life seems more likely.

Data Storage

Three methods were being considered, including:

  • 4GB local storage on the smart parcel box
  • Local storage on HomeBase
  • Cloud storage with artificial intelligence for video analysis

Audible Notification

A sound would be activated anytime someone approaches to alert couriers of its existence (could be disabled).


Five methods were being considered, including:

  • One-Button-Open without authorization
  • Authorized-Open requiring the user to grant access after being notified
  • One-Button-Open for the first use and Authorized-Open each time after
  • Users can customize the number of One-Button-Opens in a given day
  • Users provide the courier with a one-time valid access code during checkout to open the box

Note: One-Button-Open may require the person’s entire face to be in view and uncovered.


Four methods were being considered, including:

  • Open the box via your phone
  • Open the box via access code
  • Open the box via key
  • Open the box via NFC card

Disclaimer: None of these features were finalized; details may change.
Are you interested in a smart parcel box? If so, be sure to let us know what features you hope eufy Security includes!

It’s hard for me to believe half these features will be on this product when the cameras are not on IFTTT/Smartthings. Oh and the floodlight is still not connected to the homebase. They will probably put it on the box like they did IFTTT and then just ignore the fact they didn’t back up what they advertised as well as what most customers are asking for.


Good point…

I just bought the wired doorbell and got it installed a few hours ago and sat down to go through the app and all it’s features. Making my way here through the ‘Community’ section and finding comment after comment just like this, well… I have to say I’m feeling a bit uneasy because I did my research and this doorbell consistently was praised for it’s features, local storage, no fees, etc, yada yada. It even said it would integrate with Google Nest Hub (formerly Google Home Hub). That feature barely works, it sputters and stops and makes the screen overlay keep popping up, which dims the video while it’s on, and steadies out after 25 or 30 seconds. You know, after the stranger standing in your driveway has made their way to who knows where. I’m disappointed there’s no SmartThings integration, but I knew going in it wasn’t compatible. I was really hoping the Google Hub integration would’ve worked a lot better than it did. Reading these comments makes me less than hopeful that it’ll ever get fixed. I sure hope I’m wrong because they’ve been lowering the price of this thing and as a result a LOT of new users are going to show up in here. I’m hopeful that by getting these Eufy devices in as many hands as possible that will give the company a boost and spur on development. Sorry, went on a tangent there. Lol!

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I agree with what a lot of others are saying in that Eufy (Anker) really should be perfecting the reliability of their existing products rather than concentrating on new products. Customers are surely less likely to buy new products from a company with poor reliability.


This product, while sounding great at first glance, will be practically useless. I have watched countless times, on my eufy video doorbell, the manner of UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and USPS delivery crew dropping off packages at my front porch. I can confidently say that majority of the delivery personnel will not, and have no incentive to, place your item in this drop box. Why would they, when they can simply drop (literally) your package on the ground and be on their way? I predict a FAIL here.

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I mine as well ask for it all:

  1. Wider footprint like the Yale Smart delivery box so it can accommodate food deliveries from services like hello fresh
  2. Multiple colors or skins
  3. Homekit Secure video
  4. Homekit for lock/unlock
  5. Guest access like August app in case I have people returning things when I’m not home
  6. Pan and tilt camera like the eufy indoor pan and tilt 2k cameras
  7. Fans/thermometer/humidity for internal cooling control in Homekit so I know the fans are running/internal temperature in case I have perishables
  8. User changeable/replaceable rechargeable batteries with optional solar charging capabilities and 365 day runtime
  9. Homekit controlled lock for the battery compartment so I don’t have to unscrew anything to get to the battery/so bad actors can’t remove the battery (and also with an emergency battery backup just in case I don’t get to the rechargeable battery in time)
  10. Homebase 2 video storage and cloud storage options
  11. 2 way audio (Homekit)
  12. Vents for temp control
  13. Drain near the bottom in case I load it with ice for perishable deliveries and need to quickly/easily drain water
  14. Method for securing the device for renters like a chain to railing with a smart/HomeKit enabled rechargeable padlock
  15. Anti-theft notification/prevention based on movement with a Homekit controller alarm/siren and geofencing/tracking capabilities like Tile
  16. Facial recognition with audio training. If the device recognizes its someone in the household, audio training will not start. If it’s an unrecognized individual like UPS, FedEx, etc. audio training to alert them of the box, it’s function and how to operate. Audio training would need to allow for input instructions from these unknown individuals so they could ask the box to repeat instructions or silence instructions (once they’re used to it/but only as a one time silence because of employee turnover/other delivery people working the route)
  17. Notifications of everything mentioned above to the owner
  18. Pin pad that can control smart door locks as a secondary way to unlock your front door (if your phone/smart watch battery dies and you don’t have a key to get in - similar to the August Smart Keypad but built in. Fingerprint/facial recognition preferred
  19. Weatherproof rating
  20. Wired power option for those who have access to convenient external power and want this option
  21. Camera shield to protect against sunlight/prevent capturing footage/facial recognition
  22. If you’re coming out with a eufy security system that notifies law enforcement/integration in the event of theft/tampering/leaving geofence or for those who want this service but don’t want to wait for an inevitable new service/don’t want to change their current service, an option just for this device
  23. 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz bands for those of us with mesh routers that may experience issues with 2.4 ghz only
  24. Start audio and camera as soon as person is detected because any lag will result in packages being dropped or thrown and never make their way into the box
  25. Dehumidifier
  26. Activity zones

Maybe in the US, in Europe, delivery guys don’t leave packages on your doorstep. Either at your neighbors or they take it back with them.

Cool, another Eufy device that won’t work correctly. Seriously fix what you already have released, Id be shocked if this even gets funded. Bet its like the door bell and Ill get to see random alerts for car tires but not my actual package and if it does it’s the delivery drivers back side as he get back in the truck, plus the fun over heating warning.


The parcel box could have a bar code only visible by opening the lid. The courier opens the box, puts parcel inside them scans the bar code. This generates a record of proof of delivery, and sends a notification to the owner of the box with details of the shipment received. The box needs to send a notification if it has not been securely closed again within a short time after it was last opened. Couriers would need to agree a common software protocol for use with delivery boxes.

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This device could be in two parts: an upper part consisting of a pull out drawer like the drawer of a metal filing cabinet - and a lower part being a simple box. The courier opens the drawer, inserts the parcel the closes the drawer again. When closed, the drawer bottom flips down allowing the parcel to drop into the box below. When opened again, the drawer is empty and existing parcels are securely stored in the box below.

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This is a great point that you are making. usually that delivery guy are always in a rush they just throw the package on your doorway. then they are on their way. although I do love the idea cuz my package has been stolen at one point I think it is cheaper for the company for you to go through the insurance process to get your package again.

I can barely get them to ring the doorbell. Much of the time they just drop it (take a picture if they’re Amazon subcontractors) and go.

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It appears as though the launch of the campaign on Kickstarter has been delayed until August 25…

I thought they said that their kickstarter was on fire? Explains why I couldn’t find it.

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A similar product is available for sale in the UK Many of the authentication options you are proposing are already protected by various patents - something potential kickstarter investors may wish to consider.