Cloud storage for battery doorbell

It connects to the same homebase2 as my outdoor cameras that work with cloud backup. Why wouldn’t the battery doorbell cloud backup also?

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I am guessing it is because the battery doorbell records in 2k. All of my Eufycam2 Pro2k cameras backed up only in 1080p. Later they stopped backing up to the cloud completely when set to record in 2k. Now, after an update to the homebase2, the Eufycam2 Pro2k was automatically switched to record in only 1080p with a message “Since you have enabled NAS or subscribed to cloud storage, the recording will only support 1080P Full HD.”

*** My 2k cameras and doorbell should all save to the cloud in 2k. That is why i bought 2k cameras and why I bought the cloud subscription. ***

So can the doorbell be set to 1080p and backup on the cloud also? Has someone set-up cloud backup for the doorbell through the Homebase 2 successfully?