Choose a UI design that looks the best visually

Hey, eufy fans!

We provide 5 different styles of works, please choose the one that you think is the best visually.:heart_eyes:

Three options are now optimized for you.strong text

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Option 4
  • Option 5
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Another useless poll.

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Some aspects of 2 are good, but I don’t like the coloring scheme much. Too white.

No idea what “Neighbors / history / alarms” is doing there in 2 either. I thought the point of the changes was to highlight the system status, which onle 1,3,5 actually do.

1,3,5 all have the space and compactness issues already identified.

4 gets you straight to the content, but adds nothing new and is directly worse looking than the existing interface, so I don’t know where that gets you.

So I am no voting this one, I don’t see anything I like better than the existing interface from the choices above.


I agree 1,3,5 all have the real estate issues as discussed before. 2 & 4 don’t bring anything to the party that I can see. Personally I see nothing wrong with the UI the way it is now. Instead of wasting time and resources trying to improve the UI that time and effort should being spent on making motion detection more reliable and other issues with the cameras & doorbells. Leave the UI alone and work on what’s important.

My vote none of the above


I also say none of the above, also what’s the neighbors part of no.2?

5 has the best colour scheme though

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Right, everyone will pick five because it is dark mode

It’s a screen shot of the ring app.

So I guess one and five for light mode n dark mode. :slight_smile:

I am only picking 5 for the color scheme, the current UI is fine leave it alone. Work on fixing the many problems with the cameras then self.

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Adding the arm / disarm, silence etc would be a welcome feature for many, the app UI could do with an overhaul but eufy obviously don’t know how to improve, this is at least the 3rd poll & feel like they are still struggling

I would say 5 for colour scheme, but 1 for the oversight. Although I do find there is a lot of waste of space in the top of the screen ! Compact the top of the screen like option 2. And smaaller buttons on the bottom