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Hi, I’ve signed in (I did not create a new account) to this new community site as I used to do in the Anker Community, which seemed to work fine, but then later noticed, that my username has not been maintained.

I’ve been assigned a username, which I haven’t been able to choose and also cannot change.

So my question is: how can I change my username? And if it’s not possible to enable this in the settings, can somebody from the site admins change it directly for me?


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I would like to know as well thanks

If you message @Mengdi he can change your username


Yea, if you message me your wanted one, I can help


@Mengdi Hello i have sent you a message to get my user name changed.

could you help me change my username as well

Username must be unique.

Can you change another one

@Mengdi Thank you so much for the change. May I also ask what different purpose fill the two different but similar boards:

As I clearly see a lot of overlap I’d rather let you tell us what is different on each one (which one is frequent more by Eufy development and support would help).

Thank you.

eufy Team will not take a look at Anker forum, this is the old version of the forum. If you have any question please move here

That is good to know, thanks.
BTW, the 6 Support boards for Flood Light on down to Community/Others, all of them give an “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” error. I wanted to post a question about the Alarm System and I can’t because it’s giving me that Oops! Error. So someone may want to fix that.

@Mengdi I’m forwarding this message from the Anker Eufy board as it is meant for you from the professor LV16…