Careful with privacy with online support

I recently did a web chat trying to get some support via the app on one of my cameras. The support person needed me to upload one of the video clips to help troubleshoot the issue. After a bit of time, they were not able to help me and needed to pass the support onto the next tier.

I didn’t think anything of it until today when they asked me about the clip and said that the link I shared with them wasn’t working. Turns out the chat support person uploaded my clip to imgr and posted the link in the support ticket (not visible to me). The image is uploaded anonymously and is public for anyone to see if they’re searching the site or have the URL. And yes, the link does work despite T2 support having issues viewing it for some reason.

I’m currently trying to fight them on this issue, but I wanted to give fair warning to anyone interacting with Eufy support.